Playing outside with friends and calling it ‘work’ since 2003.


By Scotty Carlson, Creative Director

When I was a kid, my mom would constantly shout “GO OUTSIDE AND PLAY!”.
So I did. For as long as I could. And I got into as much trouble as I could find. If she only knew.

Eventually my pursuit of mayhem grew into a passion for the outdoors, a love of nature, and a major appreciation for the sports that would take me where I wanted to be.

For the last 15 years I’ve used that enthusiasm to build Juicy Studios and help adventurous clients tell their stories.  Some big, some small.

Juicy has worked with clients from near and far across many mediums.  We’ve produced web series, commercials, music videos, game cinematics, live shows, main titles, and client branding.  Along the way we’ve been lucky enough to win awards, explore the world, and work with great people.

We’re based in the big mountain/tiny town of Rossland, BC.  We live here because we play here. And we play a lot. Until mom calls us back in for dinner.