Fire & The Grit

Dream job.

Growing up playing hockey in Canada, the dream was to play in the NHL. Growing up in BC, the dream was to play for the Vancouver Canucks. The guys on my beer league hockey team might tell you that was a pipe dream, but it was very real to me. So many years later, when the opportunity arrived to create an Opening Show for the Vancouver Canucks, I jumped at it.

We worked very closely with the in-house creative team at the Canucks to create this show. The in-house creative team at the Canucks is phenomenal. Truly. They provided so much insight into the process, both artistically and technically. Once we had the script developed, they gave us the sign off to go and make it.

To bring the script to life, we enlisted a number of craftsman to capture the act of ‘forging the identity of the Canucks.’ We also brought in a CG artists to help carry the ‘building of the identity’ throughout the show. We had a small window to work with the players, in which we wanted to capture the sense of ‘preparation and training.’ With all the footage captured and a rough cut assembled, we reached out to local Canucks fan and rapper Kyprios to narrate the show. With Kyprios on board we then asked the very talented musician Ajay Bhattacharya to create an original piece of music for the show.

The final piece was the result of a very talented group of artists working tirelessly to represent the team they cheer for. The entire experience was truly one of my favorite creative experiences. Sitting in an empty Rogers Arena with no lights on, a sketchbook in hand, and just the shimmer of the ice below. Chills. Chills.

Vancouver Canucks
Juicy Studios
Scotty Carlson
  • Producer
  • Director
  • VFX
  • Animation


We Are The Storm

This is the second Opening Show we created for the Canucks. The concept behind this Show was to bring the elements of British Columbia into the arena. Storms, ice, snow, wind, power.

Once again, we relied heavily on the Canucks creative team to help shape this project. We brought in much of the same team as the first show to pull this off – with the addition of legendary Jim Byrns providing the narration.

What We Learned

Tiger torches are fun. Plasma cutting metal is intense. Childhood dreams do come true. Sort of.