Distance Between Dreams

We were asked by Freeride Entertainment and director Rob Bruce to help set the stage for their surf documentary ‘Distance Between Dreams.’ The documentary tells the story of legendary surfer Ian Walsh and his quest to surf the biggest waves in the world. It also reveals an incredible bond with this brothers and the extent at which they go to keep each other safe on the water.

Our idea was to to tell two parallel stories – the shaping of the Walsh brothers bond and the shaping of one of Ian’s custom surf boards. Both of which are crucial in Ian’s quest.

In order to tell the Walsh brothers story, we gathered as many home movies, old photos, magazine and news paper articles, and posters as we could. We then scanned these, cut them up, animated and composited them. We also photographed and filmed a bunch of supporting imagery to wrap around our main content.

For the second story, we were fortunate to have director Rob Bruce film the entire board making process for us. We chose the shots we felt helped tell this story, edited and graded these, and combined those with the elements from our first story.

We are very happy with the results and feel honored to have been part of this incredible project.

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Rob Bruce
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What We Learned

This project reaffirmed the ‘1% inspiration and 99% perspiration’ rule. Watching Ian train with such intensity was a good reminder to keep pushing and honing our craft.