Dreamride is the brainchild of writer Lacy Kemp, and was created for Diamondback Bikes. The original idea of setting a bike adventure to Oh, the Places You’ll go! by Dr. Seuss was a no-go, so Lacy put pen to paper. After 30 versions (or 300 if you ask her) the original script was complete. We used this script to build out a fantastical story in which Mike Hopkins would seemingly be on an endless adventure through magical landscapes.

Ryan Gibb, one half of the team that brought you the legendary film Life Cycles, was brought on board to bring the vision to life. Ryan was based in Southern Utah, so we used that as a jumping off point for the film. Over the course of three weeks, the team traveled through the Western United States to capture our story.

The post-production on this project was quite extensive. There was a lot of rig removal, rotoscoping, background extensions, and general pixel pushing. With the film nearing completion we enlisted the help of Graham Tracey to narrate the film. Once again Graham laid down his smooth vocals and was a pleasure to work with.

With the film complete, we launched it to the world. And by golly the world liked it! We received a Vimeo Staff Pick, and a lot of requests from Festivals requesting a screening. DreamRide went on to win Best Cinematography at 5 Point Film Festival, and compete at Banff Mountain Film Festival as well as join their exclusive travelling show.

DreamRide has really blown us away with its success. The series now has over 1.5 million views, and has been featured on a number of big web publications, and it continues to draw requests for festivals and screenings.

Juicy Studios
Ryan Gibb
  • Producer
  • VFX
  • Animation
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What We Learned

When lifting a bed 90 degrees with a large man in it, you should have more than one person doing the lifting. And running the camera. Life lesson.