We Adventure

Hitcase is a company focused on helping you capture amazing images on your iPhone. They had the idea to capture an amazing day with all the athletes they support. Sunrise to sunset. One epic day. In reality we had a bit more time for production, but not much.

We had two different production teams – one on the West Coast of BC and one in Florida. We brought all of the usual production gear to the table. Gimbals, cable cams, and dolly’s. We also relied on a lot of unusual setups that you can get away with a camera as small as a phone.

We captured a lot of scripted footage, as well as a lot of footage in the moment. You know, because it turns out athletes can be spontaneous.

Thanks to Rory Bushfield for being tour guide, pilot, athlete, comedian, casting agent, and all around inspiring individual.

Scotty Carlson & Jeremy Grant
  • Director
  • Animation

What We Learned

This was a crazy project. The amount of crazy people doing crazy things in a crazy short amount of time was crazy. People are crazy.