Micayla Gatto is really good at riding bikes. She’s also really good at painting pictures. Lacy Kemp had the beautiful idea to combine the two. We helped bring it to life.

Once the initial shoot was captured we selected screen shots from the footage for Micayla to paint. It took a lot of trial and error to figure out exactly what would work and what wouldn’t. Bikes are notoriously difficult to rostocope, and we needed to decide which shots would be worth the mental anguish. Micayla was a champ, cranking out piece after piece of gorgeous art. Once we received a final piece from Micayla we would track the shot in 3D, rotoscope out Micayla and her bike, motion track in the artwork, and composite it all together. This process took a few months as we worked out the best process to bring the shots to life. In the end it was worth it.

We are also very proud to announce that Intersection won the award for Best Mountain Sport Film at Banff Mountain Film Festival. Yay team!

Red Bull
From the Chairlift
Lacy Kemp
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What We Learned

Rotoscoping bikes sucks.