S-Works Road

Duct tape. Man, we used a lot of duct tape on this project. And paper clips, metal wire, fishing line. You name it. We had the goal of creating a very slick CG commercial using entirely practical effects. It took a lot of work to create smooth movement and clean animation, but it was nice to be making that happen with our hands. Not on keyboards.

We had the opportunity to shoot with legendary footwear designer Rob Cook down in California. We used this shoot to bring the ‘shoe design to life.’ Rob was great to work with. He also recorded the narration, which didn’t make the final cut. So we put together a version with his voice. We like it.

Scotty Carlson
  • Direction
  • VFX
  • Animation

What We Learned

Getting off the computer and using your hands is nice. Not necessarily faster, but a nice change.