We feel very fortunate to have a small fingerprint in the SSX universe.

We were invited to pitch on the Cinematics (in game movies) for the upcoming SSX game. We presented a live action/CG pitch video (included below) which did not win. Boo. But, it did get our foot in the door. And we stuck it in hard. We love snowboarding and we weren’t willing to go down without a fight. We received great feedback from the SSX team, revised our treatment, and presented another pitch. Boom. We made it through the door.

We worked closely with SSX Producer Sean Smillie to craft a script and develop a unique style that would fit into the look of the game. What came out was a series of fully animated cinematics that help tell the story of the SSX universe while also preparing the player for level they were about to drop into. And skulls, fire, explosives, and general destruction.

To craft the series we built an incredible internal team, as well as collaborated with the great animation studio We Are Flink. EA provided the final sound mix and narration, which fit into the games overall theme and voice.

This was a massive project that pushed our team in new and exciting ways.

EA Games
Juicy Studios
Scotty Carlson
  • Direction
  • VFX
  • Animation


Nanga Parbat

This is an early proof of concept pitch video we created for SSX: Deadly Descents. At this point EA was still working on the direction of the game and invited us to present a few concepts. Out of the concepts we presented, they chose this idea to be developed further.

The idea behind this concept was to personify the mountains in the game. Each mountain would be brought to life by a character explaining why it was a ‘Deadly Descent.’ It was a lot of fun to make and we are still proud of the concept.

What We Learned

The average amount of coffee consumed increases dramatically while working in video games.