The Flood

We love hockey. A lot. During the winter of 2012 we heard the tractor that floods our hometown arena was going to be retired. This tractor is legendary. We decided we needed to pay homage to this tractor before it’s time was up.

We had the good fortune of having Andre Nutini and Derek Frankowski join the cause and shoot the film for us. It was an amazing project. We hung out in the old barn all day. We wrote the script in the arena. We watched the joy the tractor brought kids after public skating.

During the filming of the project we were able to run the serial number and discover the birthplace of the tractor. It happened to be in Basildon, England. A good friend and collaborator of Juicy Studios happened to be from a town close to Basildon. With a little arm twisting he agreed to bring the tractor to life. Thanks Sully!

With the project wrapped up we showed it at a local Film Festival. After the festival was finished we put the project online, and went to sleep. We woke up to a Vimeo Staff Pick and a ton of requests for print and radio interviews.

What was put together as a little passion project turned into one of our most successful projects. Thanks universe.

Juicy Studios
Juicy Studios
Scotty Carlson
  • Director
  • Producer

What We Learned

Make the work you want people to hire you to make.