The back story

Playing outside with friends and calling it work since 2002.

Juicy was born out of a strong desire to make things. We weren't exactly sure what we wanted to make, so we started by making all things. We screen printed t-shirts, made websites, designed brands, and made videos. The video thing really caught on.

Present day

We moved to the mountains, now we move mountains.

Juicy has grown into a team of filmmakers, designers, and writers. We're more focused. We ask more questions. We do more research. We pour everything we've learned into each project, pushing our limits both creatively and technically. We want every project to move mountains for our clients.

What we do

We sell products tell stories.

We tell stories for clients both big and small. From initial concept and design to post production and delivery. Most of the time we tell these stories in short films and commercials, primarily for the web. These stories help our clients sell products. A lot of them. Like A LOT. We have the proof.