We are the fire and the grit.

Juicy was hired to craft a one of a kind Experience for Canucks fans. These videos were the main component of the Pre-Game show at Rogers Arena and played before every home game to help set the stage for the night and get the fans fired up.

They say our play is like our city, it’s too pretty.

The Canucks management hit reset and were in need of a shakeup visually. Over the summer they hired a new coach that promised an increased level of grit, fire, and determination. We decided to take that as our marching orders and built this piece, which follows a craftsman rebuilding the Canucks identity – through fire, pressure, and grit.

This is Vancouver, we’re not known for our sunshine.

This is the second Opening Show we created for the Vancouver Canucks. This opening was inspired by our surroundings. Rugged terrain shaped by ice and snow, wind and waves. We don’t just weather the storm, we welcome it. We embrace these elements because it’s part of our DNA.

  • Concept
  • Writing
  • Production
  • Direction
  • Edit
  • CG
  • Color
  • Directed, Written, and Edited / Scotty Carlson
  • Produced / Juicy Studios
  • DP / Derek Frankowski,  Brad McGregor
  • 2nd Unit DP / Ryan Gibb & Liam Mullaney
  • 2nd Unit Producer / Derek Westerlund
  • EP / Mark Raham, Mike Hall, Cam Goudreau, & Ali Gardiner
  • Original Score / Ajay Bhattacharya
  • Sound / Keith White
  • Narrator / Kyprios (Fire & Grit)
  • Narrator / Jim Byrnes (We are the Storm)